National Weather Service forecasts severe weather potential for all of east central Florida on Sunday April 15.

This is an important message from ALERT Indian River

The National Weather Service has forecast the potential for severe weather to impact all of east central Florida on Sunday afternoon/evening.

Strong to severe thunderstorms will include strong wind gusts in excess of 55-60 mph, large hail (at least quarter-sized), frequent lightning, torrential rainfall, and a potential for tornadoes.

Protective Actions to take when Dangerous Weather Approaches

  1. Stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary.
  2. Postpone outdoor activities.
  3. Monitor the weather on your NOAA Weather Radio.
  4. If you hear thunder, immediately move to a safe place.  Remember: When thunder roars, go indoors.
  5. If you hear thunder, do not use a corded phone. Cordless phones, cell phones, and other wireless handheld devices are safe to use.
  6. Keep away from electrical equipment, wiring and water pipes. Don’t take a bath, shower or use other plumbing during a thunderstorm.

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