09/02/2020 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Scott Seeley
772 226-1729

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– It’s FREE!
– Registrants MUST Have ZOOM wih Audio and Video capability.
– Online Registration ONLY, Aug 12 – Sept 2nd at 2pm.
– Once registered you will receive your Zoom invitation to Twisted Wednesday – Sept 2nd, 6:30pm session.
– Available to the 1st, fifteen registered.
– Registrant is responsible for acquiring your 2-6 member household team – meaning to keep your members from within your household and staying within social distancing compliance.
– If you do not have a Twister Mat then we recommend simply cutting out 7 inch circles (6) in each color of Blue, Green, Red and Yellow and stick them on a portion of your floor at home in the same way that is depicted in the floor diagram.
– On Sept. 2nd ALL Registrants with your Zoom account information (already received via e-mail post registration) and log in to “Virtually Twisted Wednesday” at 6:30pm.
– IRC Parks and Recreation will have all household teams touch the color on the floor with the designated color, hand/foot and left/right displayed on notecards pulled out of a fishbowl, spoken and shown for all to see on the Zoom screen.
– Last Registered Household to be standing wins for that round. This will occur for 5 rounds.
– Best of 5 rounds is the WINNER!
– WINNER will be posted to Social Media!
We look forward to you and yours joining us for some good clean fun!